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    • International Solar Energy Company of the year at ACQ5 Global Awards 2018
    • Global Best of Transparent PV Glass at Acquisition International Awards 2018
    • Advanced Renewable Energy Company of the Year 2018 at the Global Business Insight Awards 2018
    • Photovoltaic Glass Manufacturer of the Year 2018 at the Sustainable Building Awards of Build Magazine
    • Best Building Photovoltaic Glass Provider 2018 & Best Multi-Functional Curtain Wall Project: The Life Science Building U Wash at the Sustainable Building Awards of Build Magazine
    • Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 at Magazine’s 2018 Corporate Excellence awards
    • Most Reputable Solar Energy Solutions Provider 2018 at the WorldWide Business Reviews
    • Most Advanced Renewable Energy Company 2017 at Business Awards of Wealth & Finance 2017
    • Honorable mention to Onyx Solar's photovoltaic facade, by The Architect's Newspaper's magazine at the Best of Products Awards.
    • Best Emerging Provider of Solar Energy Solutions, by the Worldwide Business Review 2017 magazine.
    • International GameChanger of the Year, for Álvaro Beltrán CEO of Onyx Solar, at the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017.
    • International Company of the Year. Awarded in the Solar Energy category, at the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017.
    • US Small Cap CEO of the year 2017 by Corporate Vision magazine.
    • Best Glass Manufacturer 2017 in the Global Excellence Awards of the business magazine Corporate Vision.
    • Spanish Business Excellence Award at the Worldwide Business Review 2017 Awards.
    • Best Global Photovoltaic Glass Supplier 2017 at the Sustainable Building Awards 2017, by Build Magazine.
    • Solar Prize at the Rushlight Awards Show 2017.
    • Best manufacturer of photovoltaic glass 2016 in the Clean Energy Awards, awarded by the magazine Global Energy News.
    • Best Global Photovoltaic Glass Supplier in the Awards Building Building 2016, awarded by Build Magazine.
    • Best Photovoltaic Glass Project for installed skylights at the American Airlines Arena at the Sustainable Building Awards 2016, by Build Magazine.
    • Product and Service for Sustainable Development 2016 in the European Business Awards for the Environment.
    • The most sustainable material in the WSSET INNOVATION 2016 awards.
    • Award for the best technology 2016 in the BIPV sector by Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award.
    • Best Colorado project of 2015 awarded by ENR magazine to the Pyramid of Science in Denver.
    • Kuwait Award for Excellence in Sustainable Energy 2015 for "the most innovative sustainable technology ".
    • Best of What's New 2015 Award from Popular Science magazine "Best engineering product".
    • Best turnkey project 2015 at the International Awards of the Solar Industry in Hamburg.
    • Best outdoor product 2015 from The Architect's magazine Newspaper for the photovoltaic floor.
    • Most innovative glass 2015 awarded by the National Association of the US Glass to low-e photovoltaic glass.
    • Best innovative project 2015 from El Mundo to the photovoltaic floor.
    • Innovative company 2015 - 1st Promecal Awards.
    • We are sustainable 2015 - Banco Popular Awards.
    • Best project of the New York region 2014 granted by the ENR magazine to the Novartis project.
    • Most innovative product of 2014 in the VIII Castilla y León Awards for Economical to Innovation by the Onyx Solar photovoltaic floor.
    • Finalist 2014 most innovative project of the European Awards of Regional Innovation.
    • Best entrepreneurial project 2013 in the V National Awards of Energy Eneragen "from the idea to the company".
    • Finalist best construction material 2013 in the VII NAN Awards of Architecture and Construction in the category of pavements and facades
    • Best Revelation Company of Castilla y León 2012 of the magazine Economic News.
    • 1st Red Emprende Verde Awards 2012, Biodiversity Foundation.
    • Best entrepreneurial company 2011 in the Entrepreneur Awards XXI - La Caixa & ENISA.
    • 'Sapere Aude' to innovation and sustainability 2010 delivered by the City of Ávila.
    • Innovation Company 2010 awarded by CONFAE of Ávila.
    • Best start-up 2010 in the I Innovative Awards of Castilla y León.
    • Award for market viability at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 by the SML House.
    • Finalist for innovation in the European Venture Contest 2010.
    • Official Partner of the European Commission 2010 for the "Sustainable Energy for Europe" with the San Antón Market project.
    • Company with the greatest growth potential in Europe 2010 in European Entrepreneurial Awards.
    • XI Young Entrepreneur Award 2010.

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Alvaro Beltran & Teodosio del Caño founders of Onyx Solar.


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