Photovoltaic Estimation Utility


powered by Onyx Solar

1. Select the location of your installation

2. Select the power of your installation

Peak Power (kWp)

You only have to multiply the maximum power per square meter of the glass you have selected for the square meters to be installed. Remember that you have to insert the values in kWp (1 kWp = 1,000 Wp).

For example: If your facade has 500 m2 and you choose the medium transparency glass, you must enter 17 kWp.

3. Select the tilt and the orientation



Select the orientation of the photovoltaic glass. Select 0º for north, 90 east, 180º south, 270º west.

The optimal value is an azimuth angle of 180° (south-facing) for locations in the northern hemisphere and 0° (north-facing) for locations in the southern hemisphere.