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Onyx Solar is a global company developing smart solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

Onyx Solar offers AIA CES registered courses offering Learning Unit Credits.
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Standard Photovoltaic Glass Supply

The first photovoltaic glass adapted to building construction standards:


Sizes adapted to construction standards, no limits of color or semitransparency, fully integrable and combinable with any other construction material, fits perfectly into ventilated façades, skylights, walkable floors, brise soleils, canopies, windows, curtain walls, balconies...


Your OnyxSolar standard photovoltaic glass for:

Onyx Solar Standard PV Glass for: Photovoltaic Floor Tiles, Photovoltaic Building Skin, Photovoltaic IG Units


Onyx Solar has launched the first colored photovoltaic glass adapted to construction standards. From this moment on, photovoltaic energy can be integrated as any other building construction material, or combined with them into buildings.

There are 4 standard sizes and almost infinite possibilities of configuration in color and transparency. Therefore, Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass can be incorporated in any type of building: Curtain walls, façades, brise soleil, skylights… Even a PV walkable anti-slip floor, a solution developed by Onyx Solar which is already available in the market.




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