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Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Glass - Double Glazed Insulating Units

Semi-transparent double glazed photovoltaic insulating glass units can be incorporated into the project providing better thermal insulation properties.

Normally they consist of an external photovoltaic laminated glass of 0.24, 0.32, 0.40, 0.47, 0.59, 0.75 in (6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 19 mm)thick, an air chamber of 16 mm for a greater thermal insulation performance, and an inner pane of 6 mm thick glass.

Internal front view of semi transparent photovoltaic double glazed insulating glass units installed in a photovoltaic skylight

Additionally, Argon filling can be used with the chamber for a better thermal performance.



Double glazed photovoltaic insulating unit CAD drawing