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Onyx Solar is a global company developing smart solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

Onyx Solar offers AIA CES registered courses offering Learning Unit Credits.
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Onyx Solar offers a range of services adapted to any client needs. From standard photovoltaic glass configurations, to customized glasses or turnkey solutions. For further information, choose the BIPV service that fits better to your requirements:


1. Standard Photovoltaic Glass

We offer you the first colored photovoltaic glass adapted to construction standards. An innovative solution for any type of building in the same price range than other conventional construction materials. [Read More]


Your OnyxSolar standard photovoltaic glass for:

Onyx Solar Standard PV Glass for: Photovoltaic Floor Tiles, Photovoltaic Building Skin, Photovoltaic IG Units



2. Custom Photovoltaic Glass

We are committed to provide you a quotation within 48h of a completely customized photovoltaic glass for your unique project. [Read More]


3. TurnKey Projects

Onyx Solar is the leading company in BIPV turnkey projects. We will cover the project scope from the preliminary stage of engineering, through procurement until final construction, as we have already carried out in several international projects. [Read More]


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