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Onyx Solar is a global company developing smart solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

Onyx Solar offers AIA CES registered courses offering Learning Unit Credits.
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Customized Photovoltaic Glass Supply

100% customized photovoltaic glass for your tailor-made bipv projects


Customized pv glass, receive your pv glass quotation within 48 hrs, no limits of color or semitransparency, the highest expression of bipv


If you are working on an unique Project which requires a non-standard photovoltaic glass with special features, Onyx Solar will design a 100% customized glass adapted to your needs.

Configuration options are almost infinite based on glass type, size, photovoltaic technology, transparency degree and color, to make sure we meet your project requirements.


Onyx provides 100% customized pv glass for integrate into any type of buildings


Onyx custom pv glass, choose the thickness, size, color and transparency degree to fit your bipv project integration


To offer the best service, Onyx Solar is committed to quote your customized glass within 48 hours after receiving project specifications for most of the glass configurations.


Your quotation of pv custom glass ready in 48 hrs.


In addition, we will send you a complete custom report that includes [among other information] an estimation of energy production to make decision-making process easier.


pv materials parity

price trend for construction materials

pv materials parity evo graph

pv materials

We have reached what we like to call “Materials parity”: Onyx Solar photovoltaic solutions are now available at the same price range than conventional construction materials, with the added advantage of generating clean and free solar energy.



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